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Element Enterprise Facility Management

The Perfect Interface for Large and Small Parking Operations

Optimize your parking operations with cutting edge software offered by Richard N. Best Associates. Element, developed by 3M, formerly Federal APD, is a bold step forward in enterprise facility management.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of Element's user-friendly interface. Deploy Element to maximize efficiency to save time, trim costs, and streamline facility management.

Video on Element enterprise facility management software

Element is fundamentally different from other parking management software. The open platform is scalable and flexible. Superb interoperability makes Element the perfect interface for management of both large and small parking operations. It connects any combination of modules to any number of servers, and recognizes third-party hardware devices. Developers freely utilize Element's open source software to create new applications and integrate new hardware, keeping Element at the forefront of parking operations software technology.

Element also utilizes cloud technology, ensuring that you will be able to access your operations at any time from any location while safeguarding your data on a remote server.

Roll your operations into a single point of control by installing Element today. Contact the experts at Richard N. Best Associates to learn how to integrate Element into your new or existing operations. Call 215.945.9240 or send an email to

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