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At Richard N. Best Associates, we figure if an idea is good, it's worth keeping around. That's why we're maintaining this archive of Best Ideas. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of advancing technologies and the latest products for parking, access and revenue control systems. In case you missed or wish to refer back to our Best Ideas, you can find past items here.


electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Experts estimate that almost one million residential and public charging stations will be required across the U.S. by 2015. To stay competitive, many parking facilities will need to match new expectations from green consumers by providing ample access to electric vehicle recharge stations.

Limelight energy efficient lighting


Limelight solves the problem of poorly lit parking garages, TwistHDM utilizes high density mesh technology in a wireless solution to provide the new standard for energy-efficient lighting.

My Spot

My Spot 200

MySpot 200 is a remote-controlled barrier designed to protect individual parking spaces against unauthorized use. The device uses radio remote control and the energy from the car's weight to power the barrier.


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